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The Mane
The method

Our beautifully curated online masterclass has been designed to teach every hairstylist the art of sew in extensions using The Mane Method™. Are you ready to find out what your life can look like if you attract your dream clients, make the money you deserve all while keeping a healthy mindset?
The development of this course not only allows you to give your clients the most comfortable and natural extensions on the market; it also has transformed the way you, the hairstylist view hair extensions as a whole. This is because The Mane Method™ allows stylists to spend as little as twenty minutes adding in one row of extensions and 40-60 minutes to install a full transformation. Give your clients the hair of their dreams, with what once was viewed as a time-consuming and messy process to a quick and easy effortless transformation. 

The Mane Method™ uses only your client's hair and beads to make a complete, seamless and virtually tension-free track. 

When you purchase The Mane Method™ Masterclass through our website we will send you the course so you can get started.  If you're ready to dive in, click Ready? Enroll Now... you'll get IMMEDIATE ACCESS
 to our course so you can get started TODAY!

What's Included

What is included?

  • A Marker on our certified stylist map so your clients will find you 

  • Access to our certified stylist Facebook group

  • An e-course printable interactive manual that allows you to follow along with the course giving you step by step tips and tricks. At the end of your course manual there are some exercise that allow you to dives into your why, your purpose, how to become the stylist that you were meant to be.

What makes The Mane Method different?

The Mane Method was created by our CEO Tisha Parker, after spending 12 years behind the chair trying every method available on the market that performed seamlessly for all hair types. She decided it was time to create a method that overcame all the obstacles with other extension methods. To put it simply, The Mane Method™ is:

DEPENDABLE - You can count on our method to last 10-12 weeks without getting a phone call rom your client, asking to come in because a bead slipped or a piece of her track is coming apart. The way our track is installed each subsection is criss-crossed into each other so ass your track grows out the hair creates a gripped effect that does not allow the beads to slip out.

SAFE - One of the main obstacles Tisha had in trying out all other extension methods was sore spot and tension welts. Because most other methods use string to create the track, we couldn't get around creating unnecessary tension on the scalp. Think on this... The same string that starts on one side of the head has to be pulled extremely tight all the way to the other side of the head to hold up the weight of the hair extensions but unfortunately what we found is that after a few weeks when everything starts to lose up ( which it will because your hair is growing) the string loses up and will not longer supporting the weight of the hair and now all that weight is being supported by the "bracing beads". With The Mane Method we ONLY use your hair to make a completely solid track. your own hair badges the gaps from bead to bead creating a seamless tension free track.

FEELS GOOD - Because of the way our method is created you can customize the tension per section of the head without compromising the structure or security of the track. With The Mane Method your client will never have big gaps or opening when she is feeling around in the track. our method has been worn and LOVED by the most active of clients. The feedback has been that even when running, "My track ain't going anywhere."

VERSATILE - With The Mane Method™ You have options when it comes to hair placement.  You can stack all your wefts on top of the track or you can distribute the hair placing some on top and some underneath the track. We call this The Mane Method unseen™. We base this decision of the density of your clients hair. This variation to our method is great when used with our ultra fine clients.

IT'S A QUICKIE - One of our favorite things about The Mane Method™ is IT IS FAST!!! we all know that time is money when it comes to standing behind the chair. Each row of your application can be installed in as little as 15-20 minutes. WOW !! Imagine saving 20 to 30 minutes per row with our method vs. others methods out there. What would that look like for your business? You could add another client to your books for the day, get off early or maybe take a much needed DAY OFF !!! The possibilities are endless. 

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Tools & Accessories
laid in 
hair products
Though The Mane Method can be applied to any high quality hair and tools, we recommend using the Laid in Luxe product collection.

Laid in Luxe Hair products are a combination of the best hair extensions and hair extension installation tools available on the market.

Everything you need...

your fears
How many times have you held yourself back from doing something that you felt in your heart was the right thing to do—all because you were worried about how others may have perceived you? If you are a stylist and you are ready to put in the work to overcome your fears and pursue the life you've always dreamed of, you've come to the right place.
your business
What would it looks like for you if you could work less and make more? What would you do with all that extra time? The possibilities are endless! The Freespirited Mane Method Masterclass is for the stylist who is serious about taking yourself, your business and your brand to the next level. Get ready to transform your business and your life.
your why
"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Your why is your internal compass and guides all that you do. Do you know why you chose to do hair? My intention is that everyone who enrolls in this course discovers their most authentic self, and to do that, we have to get back to basics. When was the last time you thought about your why?
"THIS IS THE Best method ever! Especially for fine hair! Thank you for your creative mind!"
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