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• The Mane Method™ Tool Kit includes one case, 3 sewing needle, one loop tool, 10 hair pin clips, scissors and one pair of multi-purpose plyers. For additional information regarding each items, continue reading below.


• The Mane Method™ Sewing Needle is a c-curved weaving needle used for sewing on machine and hand-tied wefts.


• The Mane Method™ Loop Tool is used to attach beads to the natural hair to create a foundation for Machine or hand-tied extensions.


• The Mane Method™ Multi Purpose Plyers are used for opening, removing, and securing beads. 


• The Mane Method ™  Hair Pins are used to place the Machine/Hand -tied weft to the track to hold the hair secure while sewing.


• The Mane Method™  Scissors are used for cutting the sewing string and sizing Machine tied hair extensions.


The Mane Method™ Extension Tool Kit

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