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After certifying more than 300 stylists across the country, owner and master stylist Latisha Parker came to an abrupt realization that she wanted to give more. More education, more tips, more tricks and more love for the industry she has poured her heart and soul into for the last 18 years. And so, The Mane Method Masterclass™ was born. This course is a full-immersion, all-access program designed to not only teach our stylists The Mane Method™, but to help you overcome your fears, transform your business and build your brand. 

The Mane Method Masterclass™ allows our students to pause, rewind and repeat — all from the comfort of their own home — and ensures each student finishes this course a true master of The Mane Method™.

The Masterclass will dive deep into the art of hand-tied extensions, how to find your why, and how to overcome the fears that hold you back from being your most authentic and creative self. 
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the method
After years of trying every method of hair extensions on the market, I decided it was time to create a method that overcomes all the obstacles with other extension methods. And this method truly changed my life, as well as the life of my clients and the stylists I work alongside. To put it simply, The Free Spirited Mane Method™ allowed me to find my true calling.
The development of this method not only allowed my clients get the most comfortable and natural extensions on the market; it also transformed the way hair stylists across the nation viewed hair extensions as a whole. This is because The Free Spirited Mane Method™ allows stylists to spend as little as twenty minutes adding in one row of extensions to give their clients the hair of their dreams, flipping the script what was once viewed as a costly and time-consuming process to a quick, add-on service. 

The Free Spirited Mane Method™ uses only your client's hair and beads to make a complete, seamless and virtually tension-free track. And the key to a successful application involves custom coloring to every clients’ hair, ensuring a seamless blend, every time. 
"THIS IS THE Best method ever! Especially for fine hair! Thank you for your creative mind!"
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